2025 Honda CR-V: Unveiling the Future of Compact SUVs

Overview of the 2025 Honda CR-V

2025 Honda CR-V terbaru

The 2025 Honda CR-V is the latest iteration of Honda’s popular compact SUV. It features a sleek and modern design, a spacious and versatile interior, and a range of advanced technology features.

Significant changes from previous models include a new hybrid powertrain, a more spacious interior, and a host of new safety features.

Exterior Design

The 2025 CR-V features a bold and aggressive exterior design. The front fascia is dominated by a large grille with chrome accents, flanked by sleek LED headlights. The side profile is characterized by sharp creases and a sloping roofline, while the rear features a pair of LED taillights and a roof spoiler.

Interior Design

The interior of the 2025 CR-V is spacious and well-appointed. The dashboard is dominated by a large touchscreen display, and the center console features a variety of storage compartments and cupholders. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and there is plenty of legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers.


The 2025 CR-V is powered by a new hybrid powertrain that combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with two electric motors. The system produces a combined 212 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque. The CR-V also offers a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine as an option.


The 2025 CR-V is equipped with a range of advanced technology features, including a 9-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a premium audio system. The CR-V also offers a variety of safety features, including automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

Exterior Design

2025 Honda CR-V

The 2025 Honda CR-V features a bold and refined exterior design that combines sleek lines with rugged elements. The front fascia is dominated by a large grille with a hexagonal mesh pattern, flanked by sharp LED headlights and integrated daytime running lights. The hood is sculpted with pronounced character lines that flow seamlessly into the A-pillars.

Sleek and Aerodynamic Silhouette

The side profile of the CR-V is characterized by a sleek and aerodynamic silhouette. The roofline slopes gently towards the rear, creating a sporty and dynamic appearance. The body is accented by muscular wheel arches and a subtle crease along the lower doors. The rear end features a pair of sleek LED taillights and a tailgate with an integrated spoiler.

Interior Features and Technology

The interior of the 2025 Honda CR-V is designed to provide a comfortable and technologically advanced experience for all occupants.

The cabin features a spacious and well-appointed layout with premium materials and intuitive controls. The front seats offer excellent support and adjustability, while the rear seats provide ample legroom and headroom. The CR-V also boasts a generous cargo capacity with multiple storage compartments and a versatile trunk space.

Infotainment System

At the heart of the CR-V’s technology suite is a user-friendly infotainment system. The system features a large touchscreen display with crisp graphics and responsive touch controls. It includes a range of features, including navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium audio system. The infotainment system also supports voice commands, making it easy to control while driving.

Performance and Handling

2025 Honda CR-V terbaru
The 2025 Honda CR-V offers a responsive and efficient driving experience.

The CR-V comes equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that provides smooth and seamless gear changes. The CR-V also features a Sport mode that enhances throttle response and transmission shift points for a more engaging driving experience.

The CR-V’s suspension system is tuned to provide a comfortable and composed ride, even on rough roads. The independent front and rear suspensions effectively absorb bumps and vibrations, while the stabilizer bars minimize body roll during cornering.

The CR-V’s braking system is designed to provide ample stopping power. The front and rear disc brakes are complemented by an anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake distribution (EBD), and brake assist. These systems work together to ensure the CR-V comes to a safe and controlled stop, even in emergency situations.

Compared to similar vehicles in its class, the 2025 Honda CR-V offers competitive performance and handling characteristics. Its responsive engine, smooth CVT, and well-tuned suspension provide a balanced and enjoyable driving experience.

Safety Features

2025 Honda CR-V

The 2025 Honda CR-V offers a comprehensive suite of safety features to protect occupants and mitigate the risk of accidents. These features include advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), airbags, and structural enhancements.

Honda Sensing Safety Suite

The CR-V comes standard with Honda Sensing, a collection of ADAS features that enhance situational awareness and intervene when necessary. These features include:

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS): Detects potential collisions and applies the brakes automatically.
  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS): Keeps the vehicle centered within its lane.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): Maintains a set distance from the vehicle ahead.
  • Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM): Detects lane departures and applies corrective steering.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR): Displays recognized traffic signs on the instrument panel.

Airbags and Structural Safety

In the event of a collision, the CR-V is equipped with multiple airbags to protect occupants, including:

  • Front airbags: Protect the driver and front passenger from frontal impacts.
  • Side airbags: Protect the occupants from side impacts.
  • Curtain airbags: Protect the occupants from head and neck injuries.

The CR-V’s unibody construction features high-strength steel and crumple zones to absorb impact energy and minimize cabin intrusion.

Crash Test Ratings

The 2025 Honda CR-V has not yet been rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). However, given its predecessor’s excellent safety record and the advanced safety features it offers, the CR-V is expected to perform well in crash tests.

Comparison to Competitors

The CR-V’s safety features compare favorably to those offered by other vehicles in its class. For example, the Toyota RAV4 and the Subaru Outback also offer comprehensive safety suites, but the CR-V’s standard inclusion of Honda Sensing gives it an edge in terms of ADAS features.

Pricing and Availability

2025 Honda CR-V terbaru

The 2025 Honda CR-V is expected to be priced competitively within the compact SUV segment. Pricing is likely to start around $27,000 for the base LX trim and range up to $36,000 for the top-of-the-line Touring trim.

The CR-V is expected to be released in late 2024 as a 2025 model. It will be available at Honda dealerships nationwide.

Compared to similar vehicles in the same class, the CR-V’s pricing is expected to be on par with the Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, and Nissan Rogue. All these vehicles offer a range of trim levels and features, with prices varying depending on the specific configuration.

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